Fischer- Compact belt grinder


  • Brand: Fischer
  • 2950 rpm rotation speed prevents the knife blade from heating up quickly
  • Zirconium abrasive belt
  • Smooth finishing disc for polishing the blade and blunting the cutting edge
  • Mouth for extracting sharpening dust
  • Sliders for a perfect grip on the table with screw-on possibility


Compact Fischer belt sharpener in professional quality. A compact device for sharpening all your knives. Recommended for both home and professional use. This professional quality sharpener is equipped with a wide sharpening band on the right side of the device with a dimension of 50×686 mm, which will allow you to sharpen any type of smooth knife. Supporting foot, smooth grinding brush. To perfect the edge of your knives, the machine is equipped with a flexible polishing disc that will allow you to polish the blade (remove the roughness remaining on the edge of a blade after sharpening). In terms of performance, the sharpener is equipped with a robust 240W motor with a low rotation speed of 2950 rpm. Finally, the Fischer sharpener has been equipped with a steel dust extraction outlet located at the bottom. Ceramic belt 052J grit P150 – 50×686 mm Flexible abrasive disc: diameter 150×14 mm.

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